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Hendricks on Homes
Real Estate Strategy for the Real World

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Jeff Hendricks

Real Estate Agent
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Sparkling eyes.
Strategic negotiator.

Looking for an Austin-area Realtor with flowing hair, a chiseled chin and dazzling grin? 
An ageless look only the softest lights can capture? 

I didn't think so. 

Navigating the fiercely competitive real estate market in Travis and Hays counties requires one thing: Strategy.
Yet by the looks of their marketing materials, some realtors are only as good as their next best glamour shot.

Camera filters aside, my mission is simple.  Provide clients with the in-depth knowledge and approach
they'll need to make sound buying and selling decisions.
And while I'd like to feature my Adonis-like physique or my strikingly handsome profile, my focus is on 
YOU and helping you win in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. 

Because THAT's who I am. 
Besides, Fabio's already taken.

Strategic Solutions

That Move You

How Can Hendricks On Homes Help You?

Real Estate Services

Navigate neighborhoods and search homes and land in the Austin Area

Learn why you should choose Hendricks on Homes to list your home or property

Competition is strong in the Austin area rental market.  Let us help you land your perfect home.

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Candy P.

"My family and I had the most amazing experience with Jeff Hendricks. I highly recommend him! Jeff is courteous and very knowledgeable in his field. My family and I were in different states when it came time to close on our property and Jeff was more than accommodating and patient with all of our questions throughout the closing process! Trust Jeff with all of your real estate needs! You will not be disappointed!!"

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