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Your Trusted Partner in  Property Sales

A strong seller's market may have you wondering if you actually need a real estate professional to list your home.  The answer is:  Yes, now more than ever before!  As a realtor, I am a trained negotiator dedicated to getting you the most for the sale of your home.  That includes maximizing the marketing exposure to ensure there is a qualified pool of buyers from which to choose.

Custom Designed Strategies

A personal approach to selling

Sometimes it's not just about the highest selling price.  Sellers today have to take many other factors into consideration when listing their home.  Of course, strategic pricing is essential if you're seeking multiple offers, but so are many other factors like contingencies, funding, timeline and concessions.

At Hendricks on Homes, we take each individual seller's situation into consideration.  Then, we help match them with the perfect buyer to help ensure the sale goes through without a hitch. 

Maximized Exposure

Minimized Drama

Marketing is crucial when listing a home, but who wants the entire world walking through your home? Showing a home is a ton of work and a major interruption every time you have to get it picture perfect, then leave the property.  At Hendricks on Homes, we limit showings to the most qualified buyers most likely to close a sale.   

While anyone can list their home on Zillow or Trulia, our advertising network is highly targeted, reaching those buyers that are serious about submitting a competitive offer.  

Sound Advice

informed decision making

One of the most important reasons to hire a realtor is protection from legal liability.  Sellers can be held liable for fraud, negligence, or breach of contract if they do not disclose certain details about their property.  Hendricks on Homes professionals are trained and experienced on real estate disclosures and the many ways they can be mitigated.  

Providing sound advice and expert guidance is our specialty.  We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have all the facts to help them make the best decisions during one of life's biggest transactions.

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