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How to Shine the Spotlight on Your Home to Make it the Star of the Market

White, pristine kitchen on a stage with red curtains

Staging....What a fun topic! First off, what exactly is staging a home? In a nut shell it is when one uses rented furniture and/or décor items to spruce up a home that is about to hit the market.

There are various reasons to go the staging route for a listing. Typically, the owners have moved out of the house and have taken their belongings with them. Or, the owners are trying to portray a different look for the home than what they may currently own in the form of furnishings.

Here a few things to consider when staging a home:

1. Keep it neutral. You want folks to envision the space inside of the home as being their own. You do not want them to focus on aspects that could pull them away from this goal. A lime green couch or a picture of naked folks could certainly do so. Standard art and fixtures are highly recommended.

2. Less is more. Keeping as much open space as possible should be the focus. Overcrowding a room with too much furniture or knick knack items may make the space feel smaller than what it is.

3. Fresh and clean. Make sure the home is as clean as possible. This may require replacing or touching up certain areas – worn carpet, drab wall paint, etc. You are investing in the staging process – make sure the house is up to code first!

4. Replace items that are not in working order. I can’t tell you how many times I will show a home and a light doesn’t turn on or a door will not close. Folks remember these things and can curtail them from moving forward with the property. Get those bulbs changed out!

5. Don’t forget outside! Curb appeal and a well landscaped yard can go a long way. Fresh mulch in the flower beds, pruned trees and a yard mow can really draw folks in.

6. Religion = no. We all come from different walks of life and that includes our faith as well. Do not decorate with anything that would suggest a specific religious belief. You certainly wouldn’t want to offend anyone or cause them to move on because of an item from this taboo topic.

Alright, now go out there and stage like you have never staged before! Also, feel free to reach out with any questions on the topic.

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